Educational projects


TMT Bhutan

Introduction to modeling floods (using Mike11 tools);  2013, Nuffic funded project;
Involvement: developing teaching material and providing training

Vietnam facility

Advanced training in modeling and  information  management applications for water, environmental change management and climate change adaptation issues;  2009-2011, EVD funded project;
Involvement: developing curricula, teaching material and providing training

TMIM Egypt

Technology Management & Integrated Modeling in Natural Resources: A University-Enterprise Win-Win Partnership; 2009-2012; EU TEMPUS unded project;
Involvement:  project leader and curricula development


Hydraulic and Hydrological modeling for Iraqi professionals; 2012-2013, UNDP funded project
Involvement:  project leader, providing training and assisting with model developments


Europeean Thematic Network for Water and Environment Education and Research, 2001-2003, EU funded project,
Involvement:  project leader and investigator

ETNET21 Dissemination

EU funded project: to disseminate the findings of the  ETNET21 project;2004, EU funded project,
Involvement:  project leader and investigator


Knowledge map for water resources in arab countries; 2003
Involvement: Content developer


Delft Cluster project Participant Knowledge Systems; 2001-2002
Involvement: researcher and facilitator of the process for both on-line and face to face interactions


International Seminar in Water and Human (In)Security ; NWP funded project, 2002
Involvement: researcher and facilitator


On line resource for the Hydrology on-line courses; UNESCO funded project, 2001, Involvement:  project leader and content development