Research Projects

SCENT – Smart Toolbox for Engaging Citizens into a People-Centric Observation Web

Website: SCENT

Scent is a European Union research project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme. The project runs between 2016 and 2019 and comprises 10 partner organisations across 6 countries. The project will demonstrate the huge potential of citizen observation and monitoring of the environment. A people-led online observation movement will capture land-cover use and changes through user-friendly tools and technologies, The Scent Toolbox. This will complement existing forms of monitoring such as satellite and remote sensing which are costly and less dynamic.


ICeWater – ICT Solutions for Efficient Water  Resources Management 

Website: ICeWater

Improving water and energy efficiency in water distribution networks using novel sensor network technologies and simulation, optimisation and decision support components, EU Fp7 funded project , 2012-2015

ProAcc (phase I and phase II) 

Website: ProACC 

Post-Doctoral Research Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change (PRoACC) with special focus on the Mekong River Basin – phase I (2010-2012); and special focus on adaptation measures to flooding of urban areas in Mekong Vietnamese delta – phase II (2013-1015).


Localised environmental and health information services. Specific research on development of localised information services (water-related) for water quality on lakes and dissemination through web infrastructure accessible via mobile phone interfaces, EU Fp7 funded project, 2008-2011


Website: EnviroGRIDS

Building Capacity for a Black Sea Catchment Observation and Assessment System supporting Sustainable Development ; EU Fp7 funded project, 2009-2013


Website: TENCompetence

Building European Network for Life long learning Competence development; 2005-2009, EU Fp7 funded project


Website: FloodSITE

Integrated flood risk analysis and management methodologies ;   2004-2008 , EU Fp7 funded project


DSS Flood for Romania: Feasability study and market analysis of a Decision Support System ; 2006-2007 PvW  funded project


Delft Cluster project DC-Water Framework Directive; 2005-2008

I-learning- PoWER

I-learning module “Flood modelling for management”(FMM)


Internal IHE Research funded project :Salinity intrusion in the Antwerp estuary; 2004-2005

Enhansing the role of Wetlands in integrated water resources management; 2010-2013


Integrated Urban waste Water System Data Network; DUPC funded project, 2007

Water Quality Modelling of the river Cauca in Colombia;2004, Alban funded project

An integrated approach for sewer water management; 2002-2005 , EU Fp5 funded project